Next Level Studios

Next Level Studio (NLS) is a development company that aspires to educate people on how to get into game development while releasing free games, paid games, game mods, Guides/Tutorials and more. We invest time into people willing to learn, but we're still growing and learning ourselves.

From developing 2D sidescrollers to the next beautiful Unreal Engine 5 setting, our goal is to use, show and grow with Unreal Engine, Blender, and a range of tools and assets.

The scope of Game Development does not limit us, We've already shown that technology and software have already grown to the point that real life and the virtual world are becoming intertwined, From Polycamâ„¢ to AutoCAD to Unreal Engine 5, using virtual assets can work with architecture, allowing people to visualise building before the first foundations are laid. This opens new avenues to improve realism in gaming, animation and design.

We're also gamers at heart, and love games that can be adapted, modded and tweaked, and also produce assets for various games that peak our developers' interests.

We're taking the concept of a game development company to the Next Level, can you rise to the challenge?