Moving Forwards

When the idea for creating this blog came along, I was flooded with ideas of what I could write about, and where I wanted to take it, then it grew more, do I incorporate my real life or stick to my digital life? But this raised further questions for me.

I began to write my post about LIDAR and Architecture, and it actually took me weeks to complete. I was distracted, which path to go down? how far do I take it?
It became clear that things would get a mess, so I started tagging some of my posts, mind, there wasn't really a lot to tag. I also have a lot on my plate. It also allowed me to work with the concept of posting a "series".

However, I digress

I recently started Next Level Design Studio Limited, a software/game development company with elements of architecture. It will allow me to create communities, mods and even games without the worry about taxes and income creating issues for my real life. It's an exciting yet stressful time for me.

Today, however, I've come to realise how much I've grown and moved forward since becoming the "Neo" that I am, and I've realised that every now and again we need to step back and look at who we were and who we are now to make sure we're on the right track.

I've realised I've strayed from the person I wanted to be, I've been bending over backwards for the wrong people in my life and it's time to move forwards.

Firstly, Expect more posts on here! Whether it's coding, hobbies or life, I'm Neo, if it's about me or something relevant to me, I'll be posting.

Secondly, I'll also be posting content here that will also be posted on my new site

I've got a lot of work to do, but I believe in learning and growing, hopefully, you do too, so together we can learn and grow and be the best we can be.

Wow, cheesy, anyway, I'm excited about the future,

Neo Out!